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Welcome to
Just a quickie, I want to thank everyone for your support and  
continued interest in me and my work.  This photo to the right
represents how things have been, the world pouring down on
me, I've been surrounded by darkness and evil people.  Things
are changing and like Shania Twain sang on her last album....  
"Life's about to get good!"  Not sure when I will get back to
work, but I'll let you know as soon as I do!
Thank you, and God bless
Still available for a limited time
my first book "MURDERESS
After December 2018 it will no
longer be available.
**  Note I was never happy with
how this book was edited and
did not promote it, but I love this
story and the characters in it and
hopefully you can get past the
editing and enjoy this story as
much as I did writing it.
Available at
most online
book stores!
Rivercene Plantation

(Currently closed to the Public)

Tour my Civil War home, site of
the 3rd Boonville Battle  among
other Civil War stories and see
original furnishings, diaries, and
portraits on loan by descendants
of the original family.  Tours are  
$10.00 ea. and last about an
hour.\All tours are by Donn and
after the  tour if you wish you  
can hear about what is coming
with the Mystery Mansion!
At 12,000 sq. ft. Visit the Largest Oldest Private residence in
the state of Missouri